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Graffiti Text! We are going to create an urban style ink splatter background with simple outlined graffiti text. This is also a great tutorial to help you get to grips with some of the basic tools in Photoshop, especially if your starting to delve into the wonderful world of digital art!

Click here to download the resource pack

Video Guide

Click here to download the resource pack

Resources included: 

  • Amsterdam Graffiti - Font
  • Splatter Brushes for Photoshop and GIMP

Step By Step...

Step 1:

Download the Resource Pack

Then install the fonts and brushes.

If you're not sure how to install fonts and brushes, do a quick Google search... there are literaly thousands of tutorials.

Here's a quick one... http://myphotoshopbrushes.com/install_brushes/

Step 2:

Open up a new document in Photoshop... (I'm using 1920px X 1080px for mine).

Step 3:

Select your Type Tool (T), click on the document and start typing! Were going to be using "amsterdam-graffiti" for the font.

Step 4:

Go over to your layers panel and on the Type layer you have just made,

hold  cmd/ ctrl + Click  on the small square in your layer for the shortcut... or alternitavely right click in the square and choose Select Pixels.

Step 5:

Next you need to select a nice rich colour for your foreground, I chose a deep red which if you're following is, 

R: 200, G: 20, B: 20


Step 6:

Now choose a background colour, I find choosing something similar in a darker tone works quite well.

R: 140, G: 12, B: 12

Step 7:

Create a new layer and name it "Text" Layer > New > Layer...

Step 8:

Select your Gradient Tool in the tool bar (Shift + G to cycle between bucket fill and gradient), then with the new "Text" layer selected, click and drag from the top of yout text to the bottom holding Shift to draw a straight gradient.

Step 9:

Next we need to create an outline around the text so that it blends better with the background, so create another new Layer and call it "Outline".

Step 10:

Now go to Select > Modify > Expand... and expand by around 10px.

You should now have an expanded selection (marching ants) around your text...

Step 11:

Now in your layers panel, click and drag the "outline" layer so it is below the "text" layer...

Step 12:

Select your Bucket Fill tool (you will have to hold on your Gradient tool to re-select the bucket fill).

Now we need to set the foreground to black (to reset to default colours) and click on the outline to fill it in, then de-select with cmd/ ctrl + D.


Step 13:

Create another new Layer and call it "Splatters", this should be placed behind both of the text layers.

Step 14:

Start Splattering! Choose you're splatter brushes from the Resource Pack and paint in the background


Some brushes are a bit difficult to see what they look like before you use them so there might be a bit of cmd / ctrl + Z.

Step 15:

For added effect, you can add a little bit of colour in the background, choose a colour similar to that of the text and add a couple more splatters in.

Step 16:

We need to add a bit of depth to your image so lets add a drop shadow to the text to get it to 'pop' off the background a little.

Right click on your "outline" layer and choose Blending Options...

Then choose Drop Shadow on the left and I found these setting work quite well...

Step 17:

Now we're going to add some texture to the Text by burning in some more splatters... you can't have too many!

Choose your Burn Tool (Hold on the Dogde tool to select).

Now use it in the same way as the brush tool, select your splatters at the top and with your "Text" selected, click in the text to darken area's to make it look like the paint is on the words too, you can click a couple times in one spot to darken it further for extra effect.



There... You're done! 

Try different variations and colours for different effects...

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